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Set Up a Camp Today


These are four simple steps to set up a Peak Performance Hockey Camp in your hometown:

  1. Determine your desired camp date.  You need to check with your local ice arena to ensure that the dates you are looking to host a Peak Camp are available.

  2. Book the ice at your arena based on the program that you choose.  Your local camp coordinator will reserve the ice time with your arena manager.

  3. Select the focus of your camp session.  We have several options to choose from (see the “Camp Options” tab).  You can combine different areas of focus or select one specific area to focus on.  You can also set your age range and determine  the desired gender options for the camp.

  4. Promote the camp session!  We will provide posters and e-mail marketing to help fill the camp session.  You will be responsible for posting the flyers in your area and spreading the word to the kids throughout your region. 


There is no money due up front. We will work with the local camp promoter to ensure that we are doing all we can to recruit players to fill the camp session.  Based on the ice costs and the program that is selected we will determine the cost per camp / player.  In general you can expect to have a minimal cost of around $5,000 per camp session.  That is based on 36 players paying only $150 for the camp session!   Again, the cost will vary based on the number of ice hours used and the coast of the ice and the program selected.


What is a Local Contact?  Basically, being a local contact involves helping us get the word out by passing out brochures, putting up posters at the local rinks, hockey shops, concession areas, etc., …. but most importantly we believe, it means talking with other hockey people about our program (after games, practices, in the locker rooms, etc.)….


Also, helping to arrange a group to attend together (the group can consist of all ages and levels, and they can attend any of the age levels of our programs), so everyone can enjoy the program and take part in our excellent group discounts. This really goes a long way toward making sure that our programs are at, or near capacity…as getting 2 teams to attend together for example, nearly fills up that particular session.


Plus, depending on the level of involement, you can even earn free camps for your family!


Please feel free to e-mail us your mailing address and how many brochures/posters you may need and also, do not hesitate to contct us that we can fill you in on any further details, benefits, etc. helping us out!


Let us know if you are interested and we will see you soon!

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