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Take Your Game To The Next Level


With 30 years of coaching experience, we've worked with the best from all around the world. 

In a game, the average player has the puck on his stick for only 20-30 seconds. Hardly enough time to feel the puck let alone develop any hockey skills. As far as skating, he will be on the ice for an average of 12-14 minutes. Games alone will not get it done. To make it to the next level, you need to continue to improve your individual skills and learn to play outside of your comfort zone.


You must continue this work on your own time. While we will provide you with the finest in innovative and creative hockey instruction, all activities are directed toward the camper's development as a hockey player. On this page, you'll find drills to develop your skating, your shot, your passing, positioning and cerebral understanding of the game. Check them out, put in the work, and take the steps necessary to bring your game to the next level!

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