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You Select the Dates, We Provide the Staff

You select your dates... you customize your program... we provide the professional staff to ensure that your hockey skills needs are met. It's as easy that! The Peak Performance Hockey Camps provide training in your hometown for your team or hockey association players. We will break down the skills and clearly communicate to each player and coach what it takes to bring your game to the next level!  We guarantee it!

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Here are some popular skills programs we offer:
  • Comprehensive Individual Skills Program:Covers core skills such as power skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting, body play and checking)

  •  Extensive Power Skating:  Gets into the complete technique of skating including edge control, powerful full strides, quickness, and agility.

  • Checking and Body Contact:  A complete program focusing on checking technique, body control, safety and heads-up play, and smart contact.

  • Power Shooting:  We will teach proper shooting techniques for the wrist shot, backhand shot, snap shot, and the slap shot.  This course will feature “smart shooting” concepts including shooter vision, factors for scoring, and quick release. 

  • “Hockey 101″:  This is a course for teaching both players and coaches how to become “hockey smart.”  Having the skills to excel are important, but knowing how to read the game will set you above the competition.  This is a great course for hockey association coaches to learn how to teach their players how to play the game.

  • “Goaltending 101″:  This program is designed to focus on core save movements and build upward from there.  Most goalies fail to understand that all save techniques start with having a solid base first.  Too many goalies are fundmentaly weak and get by with great athleticism.  This will work for younger goalies, but as they move up they need to have the core save techniques mastered.

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